Qalamabad residents extends gratitude to, DDC, BDC Mawer' for macdamization of roads

Raja Akbar 
Qalamabad May 13 (KNS) : Residents of Qalamabad villages extends their gratitude to DDC and BDC Mawer for the early macdamization of roads in several villages. 
Inhabitants of villages connected with Panchayat constituency of Qalamabad Tehsil including Qalamabad, Adoora, Umarabad Lam, Drungsoo, Shahnagri, Jahama, Kutlari, other extended their heartfelt gratitude to DDC Mawer Khursheed Ahmed Dar and BDC Mawer Tahir Ahmed for carrying out macdamization of roads and inner links in Qalamabad villages. 
The villagers also thanked R&B Handwara and other PRI representatives for approving macdamization. 
 The roads macdamized include, Qalamabad to Shahnagri, Jahama, Road and Drungsoo Kutlari Macadamised Road Tander Pass.(KNS)

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