Pulwama hospital employees demand transfer of Anaesthetist for thrashing OT Technician

Pulwama, Dec 31 (KNS): The employees of Pulwama district hospital are up in arms against the Anaesthetist Dr Yousuf Tak against his  "uncivilised behaviour" and "beating to pulp" a senior Technician in Operation Theatre.

The employees have written to the Director Health Services Kashmir, Dr Mushtaq Ahmad Rather, and demanded that they will suspend work in the hospital until the doctor is not transfered. 

"We all employees are being humiliated, assaulted on one or the other pretext without any reason by Dr Yousuf Tak. He always enters in with hard temper and angry mood criticizing every body on one or the other unnecessary reason. He doesn't even spare the doctors and female staff from humiliating," the employees have written in the protest letter to the Director. 

"All of us fear from his behaviour and attitude and can't say anything against him because he resides in the same town. All of us are scared that he may insult or beat all of us on one or the other day," they have said. 

The employees said that scores of doctors and specialists are working in the hospital but Dr Tak "pokes nose" in every matter of the hospital.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp Channel 

"If there are hundreds of humble doctors and specialists in our hospital why he alone is poking his nose in every matter; why does he want to change the whole system according to his will and wish and becoming a dictator," they said. 

"Recently two of our colleagues were beaten to pulp, thrashed, insulted abused in front of all female and male staff and attendant with bad names and then lodged an FlR against them. He always use his uncivilised language and behaviour with all employees and often creates chaos in the work culture," they said. 

"We all employees are fed up of his arrogant behaviour and cant work and render our services in such dirty environment," they said. 

They employees have urged the administration that "this uncivilised doctor may either be transferred from DH-Pulwama or we all may be relieved and all of us strongly protest against his uncivilised behaviour toward us," they said. (KNS)

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