Presentation Convent terms reports of poultry farm being run in its premises as false, frivolous

Warns of legal action against all those propagating false information

Warns of legal action against all those propagating false information

Srinagar, Dec 25 (KNS): The Presentation Convent School Management on Saturday refuted reports that a poultry farm is being run by the school inside its premises and stated that the information propagated was false and frivolous for mere sensationalism and publicity.

According to a statement, issued to Kashmir News Service (KNS), the management said that it is very unfortunate that some people with ulterior motives are trying to put the School's name in bad light by propogating false and frivolous information against the School for mere sensationalism or publicity. 

“A concocted story is being propogated about the School running a poultry farm on School land. This allegation is baseless and without merit. Moreover, the person levelling such allegations has never visited the School and their credentials remain doubtful. The appropriate authorities have already verified the actual situation on ground,” reads the statement. 

It reads that Presentation Convent School's main aim remains to be quality education for girls in the Kashmir valley and they have and will always strive for the same.

“This is for the information of all that no poultry farm is running in the School premises and any facts being propogated on social, print and electronic media are false and baseless. This is being done for some ulterior motives, which are sinister and beyond comprehension,” it reads.

The statement further reads that legal action will be ensued against all such derogatory statements against the School wherein the School's reputation is put at stake. (KNS)

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