Peoples Conference condemns Barbarshah, South Kashmir violence

Srinagar June 28:(KNS)  Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Conference (JKPC) has condemned the recent violence in Barbarshah Srinagar and in south Kashmir, terming such incidents senseless and ruthlessly menacing.


In a statement, former legislator and senior PC leader Mohammad Khurshid Alam has said that the killing of a civilian in Babarshah and wounding of several others has been shocking for one and all and while the wounds inflicted by such a mindless violence were still reeking, gruesome episode happened in Hariparigam, south Kashmir in which a police personal and his family members were brutally killed. 


“Such incidents are condemnable to the core and can never be justified. How could the murder of innocent civilians including women and children be justified? For any tolerant society, such actions will always remain unjustifiable, illegal and illegitimate. Our heart goes out to the victims of this terror and their families. May Allah be with them at this hour of immense grief. We all are in fact grieving over such excruciating scenes,” Alam said.(KNS) 

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