People feel disempowered in absence of elected Govt in J&K: Altaf Bukhari

Addresses public meeting in Kotranka

Addresses public meeting in Kotranka

Kotranka, Dec 13 (KNS): President, Apni Party, Syed Mohammed Altaf Bukhari demanded restoration of statehood before assembly polls in J&K as people are feeling disempowered in absence of an elected Govt.

Bukhari was addressing a massive public meeting attended by thousands of people in Kotranka. He was accorded a grand welcome in Rajouri by Apni Party leaders and workers.

He said “We want to assure the people of J&K that the Apni Party will not allow any kind of injustice with them. The fear among the people about the change of their status, apprehensions about demographic change will not be allowed to happen.

Speaking before the sea of people, Bukhari said that to protect the constitutional rights of the people of J&K, the Apni Party came into being.

“We also met the Prime Minister and Union Home Minister and got a promise from them that no demographic change will happen in J&K. We got the protection of jobs and agricultural land in J&K,” he said.

He said that “We believe that the people’s rights should be protected constitutionally in J&K and until the decision from the Supreme Court on special status comes, we consider the promises made with us by the Govt of India as temporary relief for the people of J&K.”

“Apni Party will always continue to raise genuine demands of the people and work to upliftment their standard of life irrespective of regional discrimination,” he said.

He said that “We believe in unity of two regions and among the communities. Our efforts for equal development of J & K's people will continue.”

He said that the people have become disempowered after the snatching of statehood of J&K and it should be restored as early as possible before elections.

“We will try that the statehood is restored soon and elections are held for the empowerment of the people so that people elect their Govt,” he added.

He questioned the Govt claims about providing employment. “The unemployment rate in J&K is more in comparison to other Union Territories or States. Therefore, it is imperative for the Govt to focus on providing employment to the educated youth in J&K particularly in view of vacant 45, 000 Govt posts,” he said.

He said that all the vacant posts must be fulfilled on fast track and the Govt should conduct special recruitment drives in the hilly areas in J&K Police, CRPF, BSF, Indian Army and other paramilitary forces.

The rally was also addressed by Senior Vice President, Ghulam Hassan Mir, Vice President, Choudhary Zulfikar Ali, State General Secretary, Syed Asgar Ali, State General Secretary, Vikram Malhotra, Provincial President, Jammu, Manjit Singh and others.

Speaking on the occasion, Senior Vice President Ghulam Hassan Mir said that the Apni Party has gained strength at the ground level with its hard work among the people.

He said that “The Statehood should be restored before the holding of assembly polls in J&K. There is a feeling of hopelessness and alienation among the people because of the failure of the administration in addressing long pending developmental issues.”  

While speaking in the public rally, Vice President, Choudhary Zulfikar Ali thanked the people for expressing their faith in Apni Party and participation in huge numbers.

“The people are disappointed with the administration as no one is listening to them. The developmental works which were initiated by previous Govts are still,” he said and added the cited example that the degree college which was sanctioned for Kotranka is still to be constructed.

There has been no development in the last three and half years. The claims of development are false as not even a new single school has been opened nor any public toilet, he said while narrating the hollow claims of the Govt with regard to development.  

He said that Kotranka - Khawas road, Anas irrigation project, eco- tourism park and many other projects are still unfinished in the last three and half years.

“The administration is doing nothing for the public welfare. The development is nowhere and people are fed-up with the system and therefore, the elected Govt should replace the present dispersion as they are responsible for the people,” he said.

He said “We did development without discrimination. We constructed roads, bridges, hospitals, and provided schools for everyone irrespective of any identity.”

He further said that the youth with degrees are working as labourers in absence of employment opportunities.

“There is no recruitment in the army, police, or for school teachers. The people see a ray of hope in the Apni Party as a political party which raised the voice for the people,” he said.

He said that the Apni Party will never compromise with the future of the people and again demanded that the statehood must be restored before assembly elections.

He also cautioned people against the spread of drug addiction menace in Pir Panjal.

Prominent among those who attended the public meeting include District President Rajouri Syed Manzoor Hussain Shah, District President Women Wing Rajouri Shamim Begum, Raja Munshi Alam Din, Fazal Chowhan, Choudhary Mir Hussain, Thakur Balwant Singh, Sofi Alam Din, Khalil Lone, Raja Aslam Sahab, Talib Kalothra, Thakur Surjeet Singh, Sonu Khan, Iqbal Khoker, Iqbal Chowdhary, Anwar Shah, Farooq, Alam Hussain, Shabir Choudhary, Arif Rather, Mushtaq Afridi, Thakur Wazir Singh, Thakur Soba Singh, Imatiaz Choudhary, SHowkat Choudhary, Aftab Choudhary, Laqyat Ali Anjum, Waseem Hussain Shah, Sain Khan, Advocate Farooq Choudhary, Wajhida Choudhary, Nawab Mukhtar, Shafayat Chauhan, Laqyat Choudhary, Raj Abdul Hamid, Dilbazer Choudhary, Ali Mohammed Ali Chowdhary, Liteaf Kamkalak, Iqbal Thakkar, Yausif Choudhary, Liqueat Choudhary, Azam Malik, Rafat Ajaz, Irfan Anjum, Azam Garkar, Karam Din, Anwar Hussain, Zakhar Khaki, Hussain Mohammed, Shamim Chowdhury, Dilshad Ahmed Choudhury, Ajaz Rather and others. (KNS)

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