PC youth General Secretary seeks Ban on Iranian Apples

"Instead of promoting local fruit GOI hellbent to hamper the local economy"

"Instead of promoting local fruit GOI hellbent to hamper the local economy"

Srinagar, Jan 13 (KNS): J&K People's Conference Youth General Secretary Mudasir Karim has expressed strong exception on unabated import of Iranian apples which have strongly affected the Kashmiri Apple industry. 

Mudasir said that the fruit industry in the state and Himachal was already in huge losses due to inclement weather and covid situations and now the import of Iranian apple has added more to growers miseries. He said that it is irony that GoI itself is silent over this issue and it seems some elements within-country are hell bent to hamper the local economy. 

Without naming he strongly condemned the double standards of some business tycoons who on oneside are importing infectous and waxed fruits from outside country for personal gains and on other side are shedding crocodile tears to hoodwink farmer community. He said fruitgrowers and farmer community need to understand their tactics and get united to get them exposed. 

Mudasir said that the horticulture industry is the backbone of the Jammu and Kashmir, and government must make sure to safeguard this sector and this is the only sector that has survived in all these years of turmoil. “Around 70 to 80 percent population are associated with this industry and are earning their livelihood from it” , he said.

He sought the immediate intervention from LG administration in this grave issue and said that government should promote local fruit industry to make Make India program success rather than encouraging out side fruits which were having infections and are wax coated as previously found in imported Keenoo fruit. He also urged to investigate thouroughly about the people involved in import of Iranian fruit to damage kashmiri fruit industry and also demanded stern action against those involved in such trade. (KNS)

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