Pay heed to mounting peoples’ anger over withdrawal of posts: Kadfeen urges LG Admin

Srinagar February 10:(KNS)  Congress leader Kadfeen Choudhary on Thursday has lamented over the government’s indifferent attitude towards rolling back its decision of withdrawing thousands of SSB and PSC posts.

According to a statement issued to Kashmir News Service (KNS), Kadfeen said that despite facing severe criticism and opposition at all levels, it is ironic to find the bureaucracy in Jammu and Kashmir not even paying to heed o the peoples’ anger, leave alone deeming it fit to even pacify it.

He added that the decision pertaining to the withdrawal of thousands of JKSPC and SSRB posts has come as a shock to the lakhs of educated youth in Jammu and Kashmir and it could wreak havoc upon their young lives.

Kadfeen said that it is ironic that the government instead of adopting a democratic way of addressing the anger mounting in view of its decision, those at the helm are least moved over the plight of the common masses- making one wonder whether we are a democracy or a ruthless, unapologetic autocracy.

The Congress leader has urged the LG administration to adopt a humanitarian approach and roll back the decision that can adversely impact thousands of lives and families at large.(KNS) 

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