Patients Pay the Price: Lobbyism Hinders Essential Care at District Hospital Bandipora

Suhail Rather

Bandipora, May 22 (KNS): Patients seeking medical treatment at District Hospital in North Kashmir's Bandipora are facing severe difficulties due to the hospital administration's decision to close the drug counter at 4 PM.

As per the details available with Kashmir News Service (KNS), the decision, allegedly influenced by lobbying, has forced patients to buy medicines from external pharmacies, increasing their financial burden.

Local residents, who rely on the hospital for affordable medication, have felt the impact of this decision acutely. "It's distressing to see poor patients unfairly burdened due to the closure of the drug counter. They are now forced to buy expensive alternatives from outside shops, adding to their already significant financial struggles," said a patient who visited the hospital on the evening of May 20.

Another patient highlighted that the early closure of the drug counter is particularly harmful to those visiting the hospital in the evening.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp ChannelWith limited options, they often have to choose between their health and financial stability.

The closure not only disrupts access to essential medications but also shows a disregard for the welfare of society's most vulnerable members. The alleged lobbying by the hospital administration suggests a troubling prioritization of personal interests over community well-being, added the patient.

Residents of Bandipora are demanding swift action from the hospital administration to address the issue and prioritize patient needs.

They urge the administration to reinstate outsourced pharmacists, extend the drug counter's operating hours, and implement transparent guidelines to ensure uninterrupted access to medication for all patients, regardless of economic status.

They also appeal to the Deputy Commissioner of Bandipora to investigate the matter to ensure that poor patients are not continuously disadvantaged. (KNS) 

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