Omar Abdullah addresses election rallies in Kund Devsar, Hillar Kokernag

Urges people to give decisive mandate to INDIA Alliance candidate Mian Altaf Larvi

Urges people to give decisive mandate to INDIA Alliance candidate Mian Altaf Larvi

Srinagar April 23 (KNS): The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference leader Omar Abdullah on Tuesday called PDP as the BJP’s C-team, urging the people to choose I.N.D.I.A bloc candidates in the Lok Sabha Elections to defeat the communal forces.

He said this while addressing a series of public meetings in Kund Devsar and Hillar Kokernag. The events were organised by respective In Charge Constituencies Peerzada Faroz Ahmad and Syed Tauqeer Ahmad.

Criticizing Mehbooba Mufti led PDP, Omar said, "We have said this from the start. If we have to defeat the BJP in Jammu and Kashmir, if we have to defeat the communal forces trying to spread poison across the country, people should only look towards candidates of the INDIA bloc. The rest have connections with the BJP somewhere -- be it B-team or C-teams who hold late-night meetings with Tarun Chugh. BJP leader Mushtaq Bukhari has openly announced to cast his vote in favour of Mehbooba Mufti."

He said that the INDIA Block candidate MIan Altaf Sb has both spiritual and political power, making him the best choice for the people to represent them in Lok Sabha.

Criticizing PDP for its duplicity, Omar said, "Before pointing fingers at us they should see if their hands are clean. Their words on unity have proven hollow. Had they been concerned about defeating BJP, they wouldn't have contested elections. In every speech Mehbooba Mufti says that the National Conference members are selfish, because we said that the three seats that the National Conference has already won should be our candidates. Now, if we are selfish, are the Congressmen also selfish, they are also standing with us on this seat, is Tarigami also selfish?"

He said that J&K National Conference emerged as the largest party in the Hill Council elections of Kargil. "LAHDC Kargil Chairman is from the National Conference. If we were selfish, we would have fielded our candidate there. We gave up this seat only to fight against those who have spread the poison of communalism. Those who destroyed Jammu and Kashmir, who divided this historic state, who destroyed our heritage, identity and individuality must be defeated. We left three seats for the alliance, now what is selfishness in it?"

Senior leaders Sakina Itoo, Mian Altaf Ahmad, Abdul Majeed Bhat Larmi, Imran Nabi Dar, Congress leader Peerzada Muhammad Syed were also present on the occasion.(KNS)

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