No restriction on movement of goods carreirs or material supply vehicles; Div Com Kashmir

No choice now but to ease restrictions

Srinagar, June 06 (KNS): There is no restriction on movement of goods carreirs or material supply vehicles, and the decision on relaxing more restrictions will be made on 8th june, Divisional Commissioner Kashmir P K Pole said while interacting with KNS.

He said that the recent spurt in positive cases of Covid-19 was expected, especially when some relaxations in lockdown to a certain extent were given, people have come out to resume their daily routine. Also stranded people in foreign countries and in other states of India where brought back to their native places which adds up to the rise in covid-19 cases.

He said that number of people now coming out for the routine work has increased. "Keeping in view the hardships faced by a common man and also it was necessary for the administration to relax the lockdown to a certain extent so that people get their livelihood", in the same breath, he expressed satisfaction over the number of active cases. Divisional Commissioner said that the active cases are by and large under control and the administration is fully geared to coup up any eventuality as the bed capacity that is ready is 10 times more.

Responding to a question regarding relaxations after 8th June, he emphasised that there is no choice other than making more relaxations, which is the need of an hour now, but keeping in view the gravity of the pandemic, we cannot open up at large scale. He added that the final decision would come up after the meeting on 8th June, and the latest guidelines regarding opening up of lock down with follow.

" We are opening businesses and industrial units in industrial estates and rural areas and are allowing a portion of markets to open but we cannot take risk of opening up at a large scale or allow religious, social or other congregations, he added that the final decision will come up on 8 June.

Responding to another query he replied that MGNAREGA works have already been started in rural areas where 1 lakh working days have being provided and eight thousand works have already been started. Elaborating on works started in other departments he said that 52 works have been started in Power Sector, 170 works have been started in R&B, in Irrigation and Flood Control Department, 422 works are in progress, in PHE Department 174, in Housing Board 12, in JKPCC 21 and in Industries and Commerce department,more than 2273 industrial units are working giving employment opportunities to lakhs of people.

Replying to another question regarding recent FIR's and subsequent seizure of vehicles and goods carriers by police , he categorically stated that goods carriers from outside state or within the state are allowed without passes and only the passenger vehicles need passes to ply.

He used this medium to reach out to the authorities on ground, implementing the lockdown, that there is no restriction on movement of goods carriers' or material supply vehicles and directed them to allow there hassle free movement. He called upon all the police or CRPF personnel on ground to allow material vehicles viz trucks, tippers, Tata-407, Chhota Hathi and others with a driver and one helper, as they are exempted from having passes.

Replying to an another question regarding transportation of skilled and unskilled workforce from outside state for manufacturing sector in Kashmir viz cement, bricks and other industries, he said, "we have already 17000 to 18000 outside labourers in Kashmir working satisfactorily". Also giving latest example of transportation of labourers from outside state, he said that a special train, carrying 600 labours from Jharkhand is coming over here for working in Border Roads Organisation.

"Any unit holder seeking permission for transportation of labourers from outside state will be facilitated by Divisional Administration".

Regarding Brick Kilns he said that the majority of them are working illegally, without proper documents and NOC's(KNS) 

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