No govt jobs to those involved in stone pelting in J&K: Amit Shah in Rajya Sabha

 Srinagar, Dec 11(KNS): Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Monday said in that  Rajya Sabha that announced the construction of a new prison for terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir, costing Rs 105 crore, and stated that those engaged in stone pelting would be ineligible for government jobs

"I want to ask the followers of Nehru, why was Article 370 was prefixed with the word “temporary” by him? SC upheld that challenging the Governor’s rule and President’s rule was not correct," he said.

"After facing such a defeat (in SC), I would have gone into depression and wouldn’t show up my face in Parliament for a month at least. But look at them (Opposition), they are doing a press conference that Article 370 was scrapped through wrong means," the home minster said.

"If you don’t mend your (Opposition) ways, you (seats) will reduce further in next elections and Modi ji will come back to power for a third term," he added.

"Who blocked the rights of my Gujjar Bakkarwal brothers for 75-years?Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp ChannelIt was these 3 families. I want to tell Digvijaya Singh that whenever he smiles there is a problem. So when he smiled and asked this question, I understood he wants to pit Gujjars against Bakkarwals. This will not disturb the reservation for Gujjars," he said.

"It was said that Kashmir is part of India due to Nehru. But I want to ask, there was a bigger problem in Hyderabad, did Nehru go there? Why did Digvijaya Singh not name Sardar Patel in context of Kashmir? The J&K integration was delayed as pressure was mounted on Maharaja to include one person- Sheikh Abdullah. You have to answer for the past," he added.

"New jail, only for terrorists at a cost of Rs 105 crore is being built in J&K. Anyone involved in stone pelting will not get government jobs," he said and appeals to gun wielding youth of J&K to surrender weapons and join the mainstream.(KNS).

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