Mudasir Karim extended greetings on Wiladat e Imam Ali (AS):

Srinagar, Feb 14:(KNS)  Extending the greetings on the auspicious occasion of wiladat e Imam Ali (AS) to people of Jammu &  Kashmir in particular and to all Muslim Ummah Youth General Secretary J&K Peoples Conference Mudasir Karim has said that Imam Ali (AS) is a personality whose greatness, characteristics, and high status in Islam has gained prominence among all sections of Muslim Ummah served as the common point among all sects of Islam. In all eras and at all times, all the sects of Islam - except for a small group of Nawasib who are not considered among Muslim sects - consider the Commander of the Faithful (AS.) as having a high and prominent status, as is described in the religious texts of the Shia and the Sunni. Therefore, the Commander of the Faithful (AS.) is the commonality among all sects of Islam, and he can serve as the point of departure for unity among Muslims.

He said the whole life of Imam Ali (AS) is an epitome and guidance to humanity to live dignified and honourable life with faith and truthfulness.(KNS

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