Mother's Pride, Vibgyor Early Intervention Centre organise workshop for parents, children

Srinagar May 24 (KNS)  Mother's Pride, Rajbagh in collaboration with Vibgyor Early Intervention Centre Jawahar Nagar, held a workshop for parents and children about the symptoms of mobile induced autism. 

The workshop was attended  by dozens of parents along with their kids to acquire information about autism related symptoms and their early redressal. 
The experts while explaining the phone Induced Autism said that its symptoms include delayed speech, maintenaing less or no eye contact with siblings of parents, lack of facial expressions and not responding to names and calls from parents. 
They said the children with autistic symptoms do not notice other children or play with them. 
Principal of Mother's Pride Fiza Khan said that due to COVID-19 lockdown children were restricted to homes and due to lack of play activities ended up being glued to phones which led to development of autistic traits.
She said that parents complain about their wards showing lack of attention or their autistic symptoms which needs to be addressed. 
She said that the workshop was held to raise awareness among parents about autism and autistic symptoms among children so that these issues can be addressed by early intervention of experts. 
During the workshop, the experts insisted on the parents should discourage their children to use mobile phones upto 7 years age.
While suggesting that parents should seek expert advise as autistic symptoms can be reversed before 5 years of age if early intervention is done.(KNS) 

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