Modi Govt taken historic steps for well-being of our great soldiers: Priya Sethi

RAJOURI, Dec 4(KNS): Former minister and senior BJP leader, Priya Sethi while campaigning for Vipin Mehta today said BJP Government at the Centre has committed for the well-being of our great soldiers and take several historic steps for those, who courageously protecting the nation.
Addressing a meeting in connection with DDC polls here today, the former minister, who is also the Prabhari of Rajouri district, said that Modi government implemented One Rank, One Pension for ex-servicemen in true sense. She stated that no one bothered for the soldiers for over 70 years, whereas Modi government implemented OROP in true spirit.
The former minister highlighted that the One Rank One Pension scheme for armed forces veterans was a historic step to ensure the well-being of our soldiers, aiming to ensure uniform pensions for veterans retiring in the same rank with the same length of service irrespective of when they retire.
She mentioned that over Rs 10,795.4 crore were distributed among 20.60 lakh ex-servicemen and their family pensioners as arrears with a yearly recurring expenditure of about Rs 7,123.38 crore under OROP scheme. India waited for OROP for decades and this was possible only with the efforts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, she emphasized.

Priya Sethi said that the neighbouring country sending terrorists to vitiate the peaceful atmosphere of J&K as it has been miserably failed to weaken India by violating ceasefire agreement on the borders. Our security forces are strong enough to give befitting reply to Pakistan for its courageous acts, she said.
“Security forces have been given complete freedom. Our neighbouring country, which has been isolated internationally, thinks such terror attacks can destabilise us, but their plans will not materialize,” she said. “BJP Government working under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Centre will firmly continue our policy of ‘Zero Tolerance’ against terrorism and extremism and will continue to follow our policy of giving a free hand to our security,” Sethi emphasized.
The former minister also gave details of various development works that have been taken on top priority within the J&K. She said that the Modi government has kept its focus on the development policies and welfare schemes while keeping out vote bank politics. She said that today all the youngsters are being given equal opportunity, notorious interview technique has been done away with and many more decisions have been made. She said that the J&K will be reinstated in the way, that was handed over by Maharaja Hari Singh ji. End of nepotism and appeasements mark the hallmark of BJP led government at the Centre.

Dinesh Sharma Srleader BJP
said the country needs a strong leadership not a weak one. Today, nobody can dare to dominate India, he said, adding that India is raised to one amongst the superpowers of the world

Subhash Sharma said that after abrogation of article 370 complete peace prevailed in Jammu and Kashmir regions and people kept an example of brotherhood for others to follow. She said our forces kept Tricolour always unfurl in J&K and Pakistan which received a jolt after seeing that there are no takers for its game-plan it continued to send armed desperadoes in J&K(KNS). 

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