Mawer school Faces Water Shortage

Raja Akber

Handwara, Oct 3 (KNS): Despite the administration's assurances of providing essential amenities to students in Government schools, Upper Primary School Warpora in Audoora, Mawer area of Handwara has grappled with a lack of drinking water facilities for the past three weeks.

Concerned parents of the students, especially girl students, are voicing their concerns over the absence of water facilities in the school, which forces students to resort to open fields, an unsuitable situation. These aggrieved parents reported that they had brought up the issue with the administration some time ago, but to date, no steps have been taken to restore water supply to the school.

The parents urgently request the reinstatement of drinking water facilities in the school to prevent further hardships for their children, as approximately 60 students and staff are affected by this issue.

One parent, expressing their displeasure, noted that during the enrollment drive, the school education department pledged to provide all essential facilities to the students, but these commitments have not been fulfilled.

A few days ago, this issue was brought to the attention of the Jal Shakti department's sub-division in Handwara. They assured that water supply to the school would be restored within 24 hours. However, ten days have passed, and the water supply remains disconnected, with the reasons for this delay still unclear.(KNS)

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