LG Delegates Financial Powers to Forest  Officials

Jammu Jan 8 (KNS): Lieutenant Governor office in Jammu and Kashmir has partly delegated financial powers, involving various inter-departmental transactions, to officers of Forest Department.
A notification in this regard, lies with KNS, reads that "In exercise of the powers conferred by Section 67 of the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization Act, 2019, the Lieutenant Governor of Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir is hereby pleased to delegate his Financial powers to accord Administrative Approval, Technical Sanctions, Award of Contracts, Sanction for sale of Minor Forest Produce and Crude resin, Sanction of Rewards and Power to issue raw drugs/minor forest produce in favour of the Officers of Forest Department."
The (financial) powers as to their extent have been indicated in the Annexure appended to the notification. (KNS)

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