Laigaroo expresses concern over nuisance of drug abuse among youth

Srinagar, Feb 14 :(KNS)  PDP leader and party state youth secretary Arif Laigaroo on Tuesday expressed concern over the nuisance of drug abuse among youth.??Laigoroo said Substance abuse has been prevalent in the Valley since the 1980s. However, lately – especially since 2015 – the rampant drug abuse by Kashmiri youth has caused acute concern throughout the Valley, he said.??

According to a statement issued to Kashmir News Service (KNS), The increase in drug consumption, he said might be a direct result of increased pilferage on Kashmiri drug routes.??In a statement, He underscored the need for awareness among the youth to get rid of the drug abuse. “ collective measures were not taken it will have dangerous consequences on our society. The situation demands a collective effort to get our society rid of drug abuse.”??Laigroo stressed for the need of organizing free medical camps and acknowledged the support provided by health authorities, police and NGO in curbing the menace.??“ free medical camps should be organized throughout the length and breadth of the Kashmir.

The prime objective of such free medical camps is to bring respite to people who cannot afford treatment and medicines,” Laigroo said.??“This menace is eating us, and more importantly, the youth of our kashmir. We can’t conclusively point out exact reasons behind the problem, nor should we blame anyone in particular, but what we need is a unified front. Religious and educational institutions should reach out to the youth. Everyone must play their part.(KNS)

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