KNS Organizes Day-Long Workshop for Editors and Correspondents

Srinagar, June 10 (KNS): Kashmir News Service (KNS) hosted its Annual Workshop for editors and correspondents at Hotel Mumtaz Towers in Srinagar on Monday.

The event was chaired by the founder and Editor-in-Chief of KNS, Muhammad Aslam Bhat, and saw the participation of all correspondents and the editorial team.

During the workshop, district correspondents shared their challenges and experiences in reporting news from remote areas.

Muhammad Aslam Bhat emphasized the critical role of correspondents in crafting accurate news reports, highlighting that editors rely heavily on the detailed information provided by them.

"Credibility has always been a cornerstone of KNS, and we have steadfastly maintained it by ensuring all facts are thoroughly cross-checked before publication," Bhat stated.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp Channel

He urged reporters to verify the facts of any incident meticulously before approaching the relevant authorities for statements.

The workshop also underscored the importance of seamless collaboration between correspondents and the editorial desk to ensure the accuracy and credibility of news items presented to the audience.

By facilitating this workshop, KNS reaffirmed its commitment to high journalistic standards and the professional development of its team.( KNS) 

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