Kavinder meets Sunil Bansal in New Delhi, discusses strategies for upcoming Assembly Polls in J&K

New Delhi, June 10 (KNS): Kavinder Gupta, senior BJP leader and former Deputy Chief Minister, held a significant meeting with Sunil Bansal, BJP National General Secretary & Incharge of West Bengal , Odisha & Telangana, in the National Capital here today.

During the meeting, Kavinder extended his heartfelt congratulations to Sunil Bansal for the remarkable victory of BJP in the Odisha Elections under his leadership.

Kavinder Gupta also apprised Sunil Bansal about the remarkable transformation that Jammu and Kashmir has undergone since the historic abrogation of Article 370. He underscored the significant strides made in terms of development, governance, and integration following this monumental decision of the Modi government.
In light of these transformative changes, Kavinder emphasized the pivotal importance of the upcoming Assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir for the BJP. He highlighted that these elections serve as a crucial opportunity to further consolidate the gains achieved post-Article 370 abrogation and to continue the momentum of progress and development in the Union Territory.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp Channel
Kavinder expressed his confidence in the BJP's ability to effectively communicate its vision for Jammu and Kashmir and to secure a resounding victory in the forthcoming elections. He reiterated the party's unwavering commitment to the welfare and empowerment of the people of Jammu and Kashmir, emphasizing the need for strong leadership and decisive action to realize the region's full potential.

Sunil Bansal appreciated Kavinder Gupta for his insightful analysis and unwavering dedication to the party's objectives. He affirmed his full support for the BJP's endeavors in Jammu and Kashmir and pledged to work tirelessly towards ensuring success in the upcoming Assembly elections.(KNS)

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