Kashmiris won't surrender before oppression: Mehbooba Mufti

Says central govt oppressing Kashmiris at gunpoint but they won't succeed

Says central govt oppressing Kashmiris at gunpoint but they won't succeed

Jammu Nov 17 (KNS): The Jammu and Kashmir People’s Democratic Party led by Mehbooba Mufti on Wednesday staged a protest at Jammu against the civilian killings in Hyderpora encounter on Monday evening.

Mehbooba Mufti while leading the protest said that neither in the past Kashmiris have surrendered on gunpoint nor they will now surrender. 

She said that the central government is oppressing Kashmiris at gunpoint but they won't ever succeed. "Kashmiris wont surrender by committing atrocities on them. The only solution to this issue is dialogue with Kashmiris. Their issues need to addressed constitutionally and not through oppression," she said.

Mehbooba said that nobody knows whether in Hyderpora a militant was killed or not, but it is clear that three civilians have been killed in the encounter. "They were innocent people whose families are urging the authorities to return their bodies. Their little kids are waiting for their fathers to come. A helper, a doctor and a businessman were killed and now the authorities are not even returning their bodies to their families," she said. 

She said that they want to ask the authorities that how much oppression would they do more and for how long will it continue.

She said if the police had already inputs about their involvement in the militancy, then why didn’t they take action at that time. "On a daily basis police arrests people then why didn’t they arrest them before. Whenever someone gets killed in firing, then police label them as OGWs. All their claims are false. Forces didn’t have any explanation to these killings so now they are labeling them as OGWs or militant associates and hybrid militants. All three were innocent people who have been killed and their families are being devoid of the right of performing their burial,".

Mehbooba said that earlier during Shopian encounter same digital evidence was shown but at last the killed people were innocent. "This has become a part of their daily routine. First, they kill people and show evidences and after that their claims prove false and they ruin the entire family," she said. 

Notably, PDP leaders and workers led Mehbooba Mufti held a president held a protest in Jammu against the civilian killings and demanded the return of their bodies to their families. (KNS)

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