Kashmiri Duo Strikes Gold at Asian MMA Championship

Srinagar, Dec 13 (KNS): In a remarkable feat for Jammu & Kashmir, two young talents, Labeeb and Zaid, etched their names in history at the Asian Championship held in Bahrain from December 9 to 12. Facing formidable opponents from South Korea and the UAE, the duo emerged victorious, securing two gold and two bronze medals in the Youth A category.

Labeeb and Zaid's exceptional performances against opponents Won Gyu Park from South Korea and Humaid Al-Ali from the UAE showcased their prowess in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Their success adds a glittering chapter to India's medal tally, with Labeeb and Zaid bringing home gold and bronze, respectively.

Zahoor Ahmad and Sheikh Khalid, accompanying Team India as coaches, played a pivotal role in shaping the team's success. The President of MMA J&K, Naseem Ahmad Chaya, expressed heartfelt congratulations, acknowledging the significant contributions of Labeeb and Zaid on the international stage.

Special recognition was extended to MMA India's President, Mr. Shariff Bapu, and Secretary General, Mr. Prasad Gaitonde, for their unwavering support, emphasizing that dedicated leadership is instrumental in turning athletic aspirations into reality. This historic achievement signals a new era of excellence for Jammu & Kashmir in the realm of MMA.(KNS)

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