Karnah 33kv transmission line breaks down 9 times in April, leads power outage in 52 Kupwara villages

Overload, transmission line passing through hills areas leads power breakdown: SE PDD Kupwara

Overload, transmission line passing through hills areas leads power breakdown: SE PDD Kupwara

Sajad Lone

Kupwara April 24 (KNS): The frequent breakdown in 33KV transmission line of Tangdar- Karnah is responsible for power outages 52 villages of  Kupwara.

 At least 30 villages are reeling under darkness in the month of April after 33 KV transmission line of Tangdar Karnah suffered damage 9 times in the month of April. 

The 33KV transmission line passing from Grid station Wilgam Handwara is supplying electricity to 4 separate receiving station, including Kralpora, Trehgam and Karnah Tangdar. 

The passing of 33KV transmission line through hilly areas, is the reason of back to back breakdown into the line, says PDD

The 33 KV transmission line which originates from Wilgam Grid station of Handwara connects to two receiving stations of Kupwara, Kralpora and Tangdar. 

According to locals, the 33KV transmission wire and poles have rusted and always suffer damage whenever it rains or snows.

‌Fayaz Ahmed, a resident of Karnah said that this transmission line has been set up decades ago but the PDD department never repaired or replaced it. However, the government has approved a power plant in Karnah but the work over the project is going on a slow place.
The administration should speed up the work, to give relief to the people of Kranah, he added. 

An official from Grid station Wilgam who spoke with anonymity told KNS, that the 33KV transmission line that connects Karnah Tangdar suffered damage 9 times in the ongoing month of April.
"There are two types of transmission faults, one is earth fault, means a breakdown in wire, it has happened once, other is due to overload, it happens when demand exceeds supply, breaks the conductor, it happened 8 times in past 2 weeks, he added. 
When KNS contacted AEE, Kupwara, he said, "The transmission line is passing through hilly areas, and the weather in areas remains bad due to which line gets breakdown.We are trying our best to provide electricity to the households living in Karnah. We also request to people to use the electricity judiciously," he added. (KNS)

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