Kamal expresses concern over rising COVID19 cases

Calls government’s response to it a spectacular failure

Srinagar, 18 July (KNS): Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Saturday said J&K administration has failed to control sprawl of COVID19 cases which is witnessing a steep rise in J&K particularly in Kashmir.

In a statement issued to KNS reads, additional general secretary Sheikh Mustafa Kamal while expressing concern over the failure of administration on combating the viral infection said, “The negligence of the administration has given rise to new COVID-19 clusters by pushing people to queue up for domicile forms, class 4th jobs ignoring the COVID-19 protocol. The primary duty of the administration is to serve people; unfortunately in this part of the world it is the other way round. It goes without saying that J&K typifies dysfunctional anarchy. Administration has incontestably failed common people, the frontlines workers, the medics and ground staffers in their hour of need. It has failed on every conceivable matrix in its response to the prevailing crises."

Kamal said the government’s response to the aftermath of previous lockdown has been a spectacular failure and it was again using the same failed strategy to cope up with the crises which has morphed into a dire one than what it was before.

On the issue of currrent uncertainity in the valley, Kamal said the ruling regime has no respect for the country’s commitments which it had made to the people of J&K, who had chosen a secular, diverse and democratic country sideling other prejudices.

"However the present dispensation instead of regarding the affinity of ideas guiding the relation between the people of J&k and New Delhi has chosen to disempower the people of J&k on every front. Far from winning the hearts and minds of people, New Delhi has again chosen to rub salt into the wounds of Kashmiris, which are so deep that even centuries of peace will not be enough to heal them. Every day we see them adding salt to the injuries, there has been no stop since 5th of August last year. All these years New Delhi has been vowing to protect the democratic rights of Kashmiris around the globe, but what was done on 5th of august and since then has given a ditch to all the commitments made by New Delhi since 1947,” he said.(KNS)


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