Kadfeen slams Govt over making Kashmir reel under darkness

Srinagar November 03: (KNS) Congress leader Kadfeen Choudhary on Tuesday slammed the government over making the Kashmir valley reel under worst ever power crises even when winter period is more than a month away in the region.

Kadfeen said that power crises which is taking toll across Kashmir Valley is puncturing the balloon of good governance as claimed by the governor administration earlier. He said that administration that has miserably failed even to address the power paucity in Kashmir only deserves condemnation at all levels. He said the inefficient bureaucracy which is ruling the roost in Jammu and Kashmir at present is turning the erstwhile state into the most misgoverned part of the country where anarchy, mismanagement and dilatory mode of functioning have become the inseparable features of governance.

Kadfeen said that ever since the recent Darbar move from Kashmir, it seems the administration has left Kashmir valley at the mercy of situation with power outages reaching a crescendo and people exposed to inexplicable hardships.

Kadfeen said that it is high time for the government to admit its failure on ground and apologise for all the false promises it has been making with the people of Kashmir including massive employment, delivery of essential services and massive industrialisation. “There is darkness all across. The government has even failed to light a single street lamp in Kashmir, leave alone making the region a hub of industrialisation,” said Kadfeen.(KNS)  

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