Kadfeen slams anti- tribal remarks, terms them unacceptable, condemnable

Srinagar: Congress leader Kadfeen Choudhary on Tuesday slammed a political activist for using lewd remarks against Jammu and Kashmir’s tribal community, stating that the lady must rack her brain to understand the consequences of the statement she has made sans compunction. 

Kadfeen remarked that the tribal community of Jammu and Kashmir is not a source of shame, but rather a pride for Jammu and Kashmir. Their rich cultural heritage, ancient traditions, and deep connection to the land make them an integral part of our diverse society. Instead of looking down upon them, we should celebrate and honor their contributions, which have shaped the essence of Jammu and Kashmir. 


Kadfeen said that  tribal communities' distinct identity and way of life have been nurtured over generations.“Their customs, rituals, folklore, and art forms reflect the beauty and uniqueness of their culture. By preserving and passing down these traditions, they enrich our collective heritage and provide a sense of belonging and pride to the people of Jammu and Kashmir. Moreover, the tribal community's close relationship with nature and their sustainable practices serve as an inspiration for environmental conservation. Their profound understanding of the land, forests, and water resources has been instrumental in preserving the ecological balance of our region.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp ChannelTheir knowledge of herbal medicines, organic farming, and natural resource management is invaluable and deserves recognition and appreciation,” Kadfeen said. 


He added that additionally, the tribal community has been actively engaged in various economic sectors, contributing to the growth and development of Jammu and Kashmir. Their expertise in agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, and handicrafts has not only provided livelihood opportunities but has also added richness to our local economy. Their handicrafts, including exquisite textiles, intricate woodwork, and beautiful artifacts, are admired not only within our region but also nationwide. “Furthermore, the tribal community's resilience and determination in the face of challenges are admirable. They have overcome social, economic, and geographical barriers to pursue education and empower themselves. Today, many members of the tribal community are professionals, scholars, artists, and leaders, representing their community with pride and contributing to the progress of Jammu and Kashmir.”


Kadfeen added that it is essential to foster a society that recognizes and celebrates the tribal community's contributions. By embracing their cultural diversity, promoting inclusivity, and providing equal opportunities, we can build a stronger and more harmonious Jammu and Kashmir. Let us stand together and acknowledge the tribal community as a source of pride, as they embody the rich tapestry of our heritage and contribute significantly to the growth and prosperity of our region.

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