Jumat Ul Vida a very pious, auspicious occasion :G A Mir

Prays for prosperity, safety of people

Srinagar May 7 (KNS): The Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) President G. A Mir on Friday extended his sincere greetings to people on Jumat Ul Vida.
In his message, JKPCC President G. A. Mir has said that Jumat Ul Vida is a very pious and auspicious occasion marking the last Jumma of the holy month of Ramdhan and prayed for peace, prosperity and safety of the people.
Let this auspicious day usher in an era of prosperity and wellbeing of the people. Mir said.

JKPCC President also appealed to the people to adhere to the Covid SOPs strictly to ensure their and their families safe from this fatal disease, as that the Covid 19 has cost thousands of precious lives across the country, so people need to behave more cautiously, G A Mir said.
I send my best wishes to people on this auspicious occasion and hope that Jumat Ul Vida will be the harbinger of safety and prosperity of people, Mir added and wished people a very happy and prosperous Jumat Ul Vida.(KNS)

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