Journalist Nazir Ganaie to feature in synthesis symphony


Srinagar August 06:(KNS)    Senior journalist and artist, Nazir Ganaie, is all set to be featured in 'Synthesis Symphony' along with noted classical artists from across other Indian states.

According to organizers, Nazir Ganaie, a senior staffer with Srinagar based Greater Kashmir, besides performing his professional duties chose to preserve and promote the playing of Rabab instruments in the region. His effort has given impetus in popularizing this art form.

The organisers said that Ganaie would be part of the Synthesis team and would be accompanying noted vocalists Dhanashree Pandit Rai, Sonam Kalra, Anushree Gupta, Kutle Khan and Sunita Bhuyan. The other artists in the melodic team would be Ambi Subramaniam - (Carnatic Violin), Hidayat Khan - Sitar, Ajay Prasanna - Flute, Naviin Gandharv – Belabaharr, Sunita Bhuyan - Assamese Violin. While Nathulal Solanki - Nagaras Fazal Qureshi – Tabla and Padanth Sridhar Parthasarathy – Mridangam Vijay Chavan - Marathi Dholki Kutle Khan - Khartaal, would be part of the percussion team.

Ganaie said today said folk music and folk arts are witnessing the worst case scenario from the last over a decade due to the emergence of electronic music gadgetry. “Folk music has resonated with fans for as long as we can remember,” he said.

Composer, Ravi Iyer, said that it would be a great experience to understand the instruments of every region, especially Rabab, and use its tonality. The song has been written by K.C. Lot, mix-mastered by Aslam Khan - Mix & Master, and programmed by Abhinay Jain.

Art expert and CEO, ShowCase Events, Nanni Singh, while elaborating about Synthesis, said that it was her dream project to bring artists from places or origin together and work on unique projects that are aimed at promoting the real art forms.

“We work with an intent of showcasing the original music and good but dying talent, due to lack of right visibility and platforms. Curations leading to experiences is our main forte and music is our first love,”

 “In the folk genre, what the artists today are playing as folk is totally commercialized music. That’s when we thought of channelizing our love for music into curations under the name of Sounds of India and curated our first one, ‘Sounds From The Desert’ a complete showcase of Rajasthani folk music. A production that had 19 artists from different parts of Rajasthan exhibiting their prowess and natural, untrained talent,” she said.  “Similarly in synthesis we bring artists together from almost other areas of the county.” She said that she was excited to feature Rabab as an instrument in their productions and assured that she along with her colleagues would continue to promote real folk genres.(KNS)

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