JKPM urged mainstream political party's to get United against delimitation interim draft report

Srinagar February 6:(KNS) Jammu and Kashmir People's Movement Additional General Secretary Javid Ahmad Khan urging all mainstream political party's of Jammu and Kashmir to get United against nefarious designs of demographics changes in J&K. 

Javid Ahmad said that all mainstream political party's should leave aside their greaviences and raise their voices against the delimitation interim draft report which indicates that Centre government are going to change the demography of Jammu and Kashmir on behest of power and it is right time to reject the delimitation interim draft report in one voice. 

Javid Ahmad further said that BJP is dividing the majority of Jammu and Kashmir for their vested and political interests, creation of new assembly constituencies and demarcation of old existing constituencies is completely divisive agenda of BJP government which is not acceptable to the people of Jammu and Kashmir, people of Jammu and Kashmir are being downgraded politically, geographically, economically and Educationally to fulfill the agend of RSS and BJP. 

Javid Ahmad urging all mainstream political party's to come on one platform to save the hundreds years old identity of Jammu and Kashmir. Here is dire need of Major Alliance to defeat the nefarious and divisive designs of BJP government.(KNS) 

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