JKPC Youth General Secretary Organization greets people on the Birth Anniversary of Imam Ali (AS)

Srinagar, Feb 5 (KNS): Extending warm greetings to Muslim Ummah on the birth anniversary of Hazrat Imam Ali (AS), Youth General Secretary JKPC Mudasir Karim has said that Imam Ali (AS) is regarded as one of the pioneers who revived the Muslim culture and traditions to the core by spreading a unique message all over the world. Imam Ali (AS) also known by the names of Amir al-Muminin, Haydar, Bab-e Madinat-ul-Ilm, Al-Murtada, Mawla al-Muttaqin, Haydar , Asadullah and majority of Muslim household grandly adorn with glittering lights and beautiful flowers on his birthday. On this pious day people in large number throng to Imambargah and Mosques to offer their sincere prayers to Imam Ali (AS) and to seek his blessings.

Mudasir said that Shias across the world consider Hazrat Ali (AS) as the true heir to The Holy Prophet (SAWW) because of the wealth of knowledge he possessed. He (Imam Ali AS ) is regarded as the perfect descendant because of the way he conducted his life, he said and added, not only this but strived hard to spread Islamic values that he learnt from the prophet (PBUH) to all other people. Alternatively, Imam Ali (AS) proved to be a great philosopher throughout his life. 

Mudasir Karim said that Imam Ali (AS) was able to maintain his own group of disciples who were highly crucial in spreading his knowledge and teachings.(KNS)

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