JKANC Provincial President outrages over remarks Of Waseem Rizvi of recommending omission of certain verses of the Holy Quran, demands arrest


Srinagar 13 March (KNS): Provincial President,Jammu and Kashmir Awami National conference Leader Rahi Riya has demanded immediate arrest of Waseem Rizvi for hurting the religious sentiments of the Muslims and lashed out at Rizvi for this blasphemous move.

He also said that not a single word of the Quran has been changed over the last 1400 years.

He said that, The Holy Quran is the word of Allah and the sacred book in Islam. And even if Muslims have different sects and schools of thought, all of them have a firm belief that this is the final book revealed by Allah to his last Prophet (SAW) and that not a single word has been altered or tampered with in the Quran since its revelation some 1400 years ago.

“Rizvi’s outrageous remarks of recommending omission of certain verses of the Holy Quran and his appeal in the court are not only condemnable but unpardonable as well. This vile man has shown disregard for the Holy Quran and hurt the sentiments of millions of Muslims across the globe." I condemn his acts and urge the government to put him behind the bars immediately,” he added.(KNS)

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