JK police heightens vigilance on social media platforms

 Ishtiyaq Ahmad

Srinagar, Oct 28 (KNS): Following the Israel-Hamas conflict, the Jammu and Kashmir Police here in the Union Territory has ramped up its vigilance on social media platforms to prevent any misuse.

Top sources told KNS that the police has initiated various measures to oversee online activities in the region, including the tracking of posts, comments, and messages that may incite violence or spread false information.

They have also urged the public to report any suspicious or harmful content they come across on social media.

However the Police have assured that their monitoring efforts will be in line with established legal frameworks and respect the rights and privacy of individuals. 

"Our focus is on monitoring accounts with questionable credentials and swiftly responding to potential threats in order to maintain stability in the region.The conflict in the Middle East has led to concerns about the possible spillover of violence into other regions. In response to these concerns, the police have been meticulously monitoring social media channels, where various actors have been known to disseminate propaganda and engage in activities that could incite violence,” one of the top officials in the police told KNS, adding that doubtful credentials of some accounts have raised suspicions, prompting police to keep a watchful eye.

Meanwhile sources within the intelligence agencies have reported that the strict surveillance of potentially incriminating material spread through social media has played a crucial role in thwarting alleged plots aimed at disturbing the peace in Jammu and Kashmir.

The region has been steadily progressing towards peace, and these efforts are intended to ensure that it continues on this path.

“Recently strict surveillance on incriminating material spread through social media has successfully thwarted a Pakistani plot to revive trouble in Jammu and Kashmir, which has constantly been marching towards peace," a source aware of the information, said.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp Channel

The officers have been working closely to investigate any potential threats and take preventive action when necessary. “Their aim is to identify and neutralize individuals or groups attempting to disrupt peace in the region,”

These developments underscore the evolving nature of security measures in an era where information can be spread rapidly through social media. The authorities are determined to ensure that these platforms are not exploited to undermine the hard-earned peace in Jammu and Kashmir.

While the situation remains dynamic, the continuous monitoring and rapid response to potential threats on social media are key components of the efforts to maintain peace and stability in the region.

The authorities emphasized their commitment to ensuring that social media is used responsibly and does not contribute to the spread of misinformation or incitement of violence. 

The top police officers have stressed the importance of responsible social media usage. “Social media can be a powerful tool for communication, but it can also be misused to disrupt peace and create panic. We are closely monitoring all social networking sites in the Kashmir Valley to prevent any such misuse,” said a top official.

In a rapidly changing world, the Jammu and Kashmir Police are adapting to ensure the safety and security of the region.

The vigilance in monitoring these platforms is seen as a necessary step to maintain peace and harmony in the Union Territory.(KNS)

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