JK faces serious power crises, many areas reel under darkness: Tarigami

Srinagar,April 23 (KNS):- The extended and unannounced power outages are causing immense hardships to  people of  Jammu & Kashmir. While urban areas are witnessing power cuts up to 9 hours, many outlying villages have been reeling under almost sheer darkness since several  months. 

The precarious power situation  is in marked contrast to the Lieutenant Governor's recent announcement that the metered areas would receive  seamless electricity round the clock. 


It is very unfortunate that despite having huge potential to generate copious amount of electricity, Jammu and Kashmir has to face the worst power crises often. 

The region has a potential to generate the commercial hydro power up to 20000 MW  out of which only 3263.4 MW stands harnessed by various agencies including Jammu and Kashmir State Power Development Corporation, NHPC and Independent Power Producers. 

Moreover, Jammu and Kashmir, and Ladakh has the potential of generating 111GW solar energy. 

However, it is very unfortunate that these resources remain untapped and the entire region continue to face yawning demand-supply gaps. 

The government should harness the hydro power and solar potential besides making small projects in remote and far-off areas of the Jammu and Kashmir to augment the power supply. (KNS)

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