J-K Bank Brach Qalamabad functions in single rooms, people suffer

People urge bank authorities to look into

People urge bank authorities to look into

Langate, June 29(KNS): Residents of Mawer Qalamabad and adjoining villages of Handwara are facing immense hardships as the business unit of Jammu and Kashmir Bank is functioning in a single room. 

The residents of this area said if the authorities were apprised several times regarding the issues, they never took any concentrated measures to shift this bank from here.

They said the business unit is witnessing a huge rush of consumers on a daily basis, adding that indecent activities are taking place due to the space crunch.

People went on to say that if the institution has tendered some notices in the past but to no avail,

The General Secretary of Traders Federation Qalamabad and President of Fruit Growers Association, Raja Akbar, told KNS that the bank has at least 60000 accounts and it caters to a number of villages, thus witnessing a huge rush on a daily basis. 

He said that people, especially the elderly and women, are facing immense hardships, but the authorities at Jammu and Kashmir Bank pay deaf ears. 

The traders, fruit growers, and other associations of the area urged Jammu and Kashmir Bank authorities to provide them with a new building for the bank where people will not face space issues and the bank will run smoothly.

Mudasir Qauarshi, a J & K Bank Qalamabad customer, said he came to this office at 4:30 and was narrating his ordeal at the said branch.As per his claim, he had reported at the bank gate at 4:05 pm, but he found the door latched inside. After repeated knocks, the security guard opened the door and let him in, but the employees there misbehaved and even tried to catch him by the collar when he asked about the working hours.

When he wrote a written complaint and gave it to the manager of the branch, the branch manager refused to accept the same.

He stated that he went to the branch, but the branch has yet to seed his PAN with his account.

The customer has appealed to the DGM of the cluster to change the staff, whose arrogant behavior is defaming the institution, even he said that the Manager is the most incompetent man, because he refused to take an application which was put to ask why was the door of the branch closed at 4:05 pm, and what action will you take against the officials who misbehaved with him.

He said that even though the branch Manager has limited keyboard speed, it takes ample time to see the required alphabet.

The resident of this area has urged the higher officials of J&K bank to shift this bank to some other place where people won’t face problems.(KNS) 

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