Indian Trade Union to hold national convention to support aspirations of People of J&K: Sampat Prakash

Srinagar , June 29 (KNS): Veteran trade union leader Sampat Prakash today said that the coordination committee of Indian Trade Union organization under the leadership of Hind Mazdoor Sabha has decided to hold national convention of all India Leaders to extend the National Level Support to the aspirations of people of the Union Territory J&K and to defend their identity.
A statement issued to KNS reads, Veteran Trade Union Leader Sampat Prakash a on Monday in press statement issued to KNS said that the Jammu and Kashmir State Government Pensioners Welfare Federation/Senior Citizens Civil Society and Trade Union Centre an affiliate of Hind Mazdoor Sabha, E-120, Babar Road New Delhi, viewed with serious concern the subtle mechanism, carefully managed by Union Home Ministry and JndK Union Territory Government to glorify Domicile Act by granting Certificate to Principal Secretary Agriculture Navin Chaudhary, IAS the Senior Bureaucrat in a grand design speaks the intentions of both Central and State Governments to treat the Citizens of Jammu and Kashmir as Dumb Driven Cattle and Gay slaves. The Main Stream Political Outfits, Intellectual Class, the Passionate Educated Youth, JndK Chamber and Commerce, Traders and Transport Federation besides, Civil Society of retired Officers and Officials should have been given a chance for a healthy and democratic debates through seminars all over the Union Territory and sought suggestions and mandate to uphold the dignity of Indian Democratic, Secular Republic ethos as the dispute is still in the highest court of the country I.e Supreme Court and as such is subjudice.
Lacs of Govt Employees, State Pensioners (Officers and Officials), Civil Society and Scholars salute Mr. Amit Kushari IAS, a retired top Bureaucrat of JndK State, a resident of West Bengal served the people of JndK in particular Kashmir for the long 37 years and earned the dignity of Honest, Brilliant, dedicated, pro-people and inspired by Kashmiri Nationalism, said yesterday in a message, I, Sampat Prakash, State President Jammu and Kashmir State Pensioners Welfare Federation/Senior Citizens Civil Society JndK, I, quote, the message of Amit Kushari “ Amused to hear Naveen Chaudhary getting PRC Domicile Certificate for JandK under new rules. Waaah Bhai kya baat hai. Congrats to Naveen and Amita. If a Bihari can get this, a Bong like me cud have got it too. I lived in JndK for 37 years and my Children passed 10 nd 12th from JK. But even if that Certificate was given to me on a silver plate, How cud I take it? that Certificate wud have been soaked in the tears of my Kashmiri/Jammuite Bros? Unless Delhi grants total autonomy to JK and my Kashmiri Bros themselves give me the Certificate smiling all the way, I wud never take it. Woh mere kiss Kaam ke ?
It also said, I will never settle there nor will my children ever like to settle there. If I want to stay there I can live as a loved guest in any kashmiri or Jammu family. I wud love to live in their hearts”. This is a mild and sensible message of Amit Kushari “the diamond cuts the diamond”, The Coordination Committee of Indian Trade Union Organisation under the Leadership of Hind Mazdoor Sabha have decided to hold “National Convention” of All India Leaders, representing millions of organised, Civil Servants of Centre and State, besides Public Sectors and Universities to extend the National Level Support to the aspirations of people of the Union Territory JndK and to defend their identity. There are burning issues of Unemployed Post Graduates, Phd Scholars, Doctors, Engineers, Para Medics, Skilled and trained Graduates also, numbering Lacs eating dust have a dark future of Employment. Alas! many States in this Country who have great resources have long been paying Un-employment Allowance to its unemployed, educated youth, to maintain their Livelihood but in JndK, the State Political Outfits have never initiated any such plans to satisfy the Unemployed youth numbering Lacs to balance the Unrest. Thanks to newly formed Political party “Apni Party” headed by State President Mr. Altaf Bukhari and his team viz Vijay Bakaya have vehemently criticized the Governor Administration and Central Govt. through a Press Conference a day before yesterday and they have also raised the most burning issue of 70,000 daily wagers working for the last one decade in almost all departments and are starving for pending wages and systematic regularisation as per rules. The great grand Economic package advertised by the Central Govt. and State Administration through Print and Electronic Media for Jammu and Kashmir has proved to be a hoax. The JndK State is notorious for Scams and Scandals. The big bulls who have looted the State Exchequer otherwise, known as Looters Limited Company and Treaury Thieves, ruled for decades and amassed unlimited and unimaginable wealth, are enjoying their luxurious lives in Palatial Mansions with marble Swimming pools from Harwan to Hyderpora Peer Bagh in Kashmir and Green Belt Park Gandhi Nagar and other posh Colonies in Jammu are now roaming free, after 5th August 2019, when the Assembly was dissolved. Under such circumstances, the Senior Citizens Civil Society and Organised Trade Unions have to come together to save the State from Disaster.
“ Giran kashmiri ab to sambhalne Lage, Himalaya k chashme ubalne lage it said ( KNS)

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