Hoteliers Club seek proper electricity supply

Srinagar, Dec 20 (KNS): Jammu and Kashmir Hoteliers Club (JKHC) has expressed concern over the erratic power supply during the past few days and urged the administration to restore regular electricity by resolving the genuine demands of the protesting Power Development Department employees.

In a statement, JKHC Chairman Mushtaq Chaya said hotels need uninterrupted power supply so that they provide adequate heating system to the guests.

Chaya said without electricity the visitors will not be able to stay in the hotels which could hamper tourism industry badly.

“We urge the administration to resolve all the issues with the PDD employees so that electricity is restored at the earliest and guests in many hotels feel comfortable,” said Chaya.

Secretary General JKHC Tariq Rashid Ghani said with the help Valley’s stakeholders and the tourism department, the travellers have started visiting the Valley in large number to enjoy their holidays at winter resorts like Gulmarg.

“If we are not able to provide proper heating arrangements to the guests, it will have negative consequences on the tourism industry and the tourist flow till dip which will cause losses to the industry,” said Ghani.

The JKHC has urged the LG Administration to look in the matter so that proper electricity is maintained in the Valley. (KNS)

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