Hakeem Yaseen shocked over killing of SPO , his wife, daughter in Hariparigam Awantipora

Says killing of innocent people against tenants of Islam

Says killing of innocent people against tenants of Islam

Khansahib June 28:(KNS) Chairman People's Democratic Front ( PDF ) Hakeem Yaseen has condemned killing of an SPO of J&K Police along with his wife and little daughter by unknown at Hariparigam village of Awantipora in South kashmir. 

      In a statement issued on Monday morning, Hakeem Yaseen while condemning killing of the SPO, his wife and little daughter by unknown gunmen in Hariparigam Awantipora, has said that killing of innocent and unarmed human beings was against the tenants of all religion including Islam. He said unabated senseless killings of civilians and soft targets by the unknown gunmen was only adding to the miseries and bloodshed in kashmir. He said violence was no solution to any problem adding that past four decades of violence and lawlessness in kashmir has yielded nothing except only expanding limits of graveysrds and the number of thousands orphans, widows and destitutes besides devastating the very foundation of States economy . He said killings of innocent and unarmed people has no place in a civilized society. 

       " Whosoever killed the SPO's along with his wife and daughter , has undoubtedly committed a heinous crime which was unpardonable and unacceptable , Hakeem Yaseen maintained. He has expressed his heartfelt sympathies with the bereaved family and urged the government to punish the culprits involve in the gruesome incident. (KNS) 

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