Hakeem Yaseen demands restoration of statehood ahead of assembly elections as a CBM

‘People want safeguards to their special identity’

‘People want safeguards to their special identity’

Srinagar, Nov 29 (KNS): Maintaining that the prevailing socio- political uncertainty in Jammu and Kashmir and deep rooted alienation was the outcome of repeated betrayals of promises made to the people by the successive Central and State governments, Chairman People's Democratic Front (PDF) Hakeem Yaseen has urged the Center to fulfill its promise to restore statehood to Jammu and Kashmir ahead of proposed Assembly elections expected early next year. He said Centre should respect urges and aspirations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir to end the prevailing deep alienation. He people of Jammu and Kashmir want constitutional guarantee to their special identity adding that restoration of socio-political status was imperative to bring peace and tranquility in the trouble torn Jammu and Kashmir.

In a statement issued to KNS, Hakeem Yaseen has urged the Central leadership to take sincere measures for early restoration of all the constitutional guarantees enshrined in the accord of accession to end prevailing socio-political uncertainty in Jammu and Kashmir. He has urged the need for establishing a popular government in Jammu and Kashmir to bring improvement in the security situation and to enable people redress their grievances and developmental needs through their elected members .He said people of Jammu and Kashmir were yearning for peace and want an immediate end to ongoing violence.

“In the absence of popular government in Jammu and Kashmir, people in general feel neglected and alienated,” Hakeem Yaseen said while urging the Centre to restore democracy by holding early Assembly elections.

He said, in view of the sensitivity of the Kashmir imbroglio, at the international level, Centre should rise above the petty political and party interests and tend to meet urges and aspirations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. “Centre should restore all constitutional guarantees assured to the people of Jammu and Kashmir in the accord of accession to satiate socio- political aspirations of the people, Hakeem Yaseen added. He said successive governments at Centre and State were primarily responsible for the prevailing explosive situation in Jammu and Kashmir as they always played with the sentiments of the innocent people and exploited their emotions, on false promises, to satiate their personal interests and political motives.

PDF Chairman has impressed upon the present Central Government to rise to the occasion and initiate a result oriented process to win hearts and minds of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. “Now onus lies on the present dispensation at Centre to fulfill its promises to restore statehood and conduct early Assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir,” Hakeem Yaseen added.

Hakeem Yaseen has urged the Lieutenant governor Manoj Sinha to order execution of work on Sukhnag Mini- power project in Khansahib constituency, which is the long cherished demand of the people of the area. “Construction of Sukhnag Mini-power is a dream project for socio-economic transformation of the area which has already been approved by the expert committee,” Hakeem Yaseen added. He has also demanded execution of work on Grid station at Khansahib to meet the power requirements of three adjoining Tehsils of the Khansahib constituency.

Hakeem Yaseen also urged the need for regularization of all Daily wagers, need based and contractual workers in various government and semi- government departments without further delay as they and their families are facing hardships for their livelihood. He said government should realize services being rendered by the daily rated workers in providing basic facilities like drinking water, electricity and sanitation to the people. (KNS)

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