Hakeem Yaseen condemns Wasim Rizvi for his blasphemic act against holly Quran

  Demands severe punishment to him for hurting religious sentiments of Muslim Ummah

Srinagar/ March 13:-(KNS) Chairman People's Democratic Front ( PDF) Hakeem Mohammad Yaseen has strongly condemned Wasim Rizvi for  insulting  The Noble Quran and the sanctities of Muslims by filing a PIL in the supreme court that some verses of the Holy Quran should be removed.
   In a statement to "KNS"  on Saturday Hakeem Yaseen while condemning Wasim Rizvi for his blasphemous act against holly book Qura'n , has demanded severe punishment to him. "  By insulting The Noble Quran, Wasim Rizvi has hurt religious sentiments of Muslim Ummah and has resorted to spreading of hatred among the community, Hakeem Yaseen maintained.He said Wasim  should be dealt with and punished in same way as was  was given to notorious Salmaan Rushdie for hurditng the religious sentiments of Muslim community. "Undoubtedly the Quran was a divine book sent down by the Almighty Allaah and He was himself it's gaurdian, " Hakeem Yaseen said while quoting Quranic verses  " Indeed, it is We who sent down the Quran and indeed, We will be it's guard. 
    Hakeem Yaseen said that The Quran is the identity of all Muslims and disrespecting it was punishable beyond any doubt .Hakeem Yaseen has appealed to Prime Minister Narinder Modi to shunt out Wasim Rizvi out of Indian as a precedence so that no one ever dares to hurt religious sentiments of fellow communities.(KNS) 

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