Hakeem Yaseen concerned over uncontrolled spike in coronavirus in Kashmir valley

Take health professionals on board while easing out lockdown

Srinagar, July 11 (KNS); Chairman Peoples Democratic Front PDF Hakeem Yaseen has expressed serious concern over the ever increasing spike in Covid- 19 infections and deaths in kashmir valley especially in district Srinagar and has urged the administration to take health experts on board while easing out the lockdown. He said Coronavirus infection was still spreading at an alarming level in kashmir valley with srinagar district having highest number of deaths, so administration should not jump in haste to ease out lockdown restrictions.
In a statement issued to KNS on Friday Hakeem Yaseen while expressing concern over the fast spreading coronavirus ,said that daily death rate in kashmir due to the infection has crossed 250 mark and the bed capacity in Covid hospitals is stated to be almost exhausted. He said government should take note of the grim situation arising out of the pandemic more seriously and not ease out lockdown restrictions without taking health experts on board. He said easing out of some restrictions over livelihood related activities to generate economy was logical , but what was the fun in opening of gardens and parks - a hasty move which can prove disastrous in the spread of Coronovirus infection ?. He said it was generally felt that there should be another spell of total lockdown in kashmir to bring the situation under control.
He said people are habitual of ignoring recommended precautions which was one of the main causes ponsible for surge in cases and deaths due to the novel coronavirus. So onus lies on government to strictly enforce health advisories to protect people from tragic deaths due to the dreaded infection. He said people have senselessly started thronging public parks and picnic spot adding that markets are seen over crowded in all parts of the srinagar city.
While urging the administration to restrict movement of people, Hakeem Yaseen has asked the people not to violate health advisories for the sake of their lives adding that reopening of economic activities doesn’t mean that the coronavirus has been vanished. " If the situation was not brought under control, the people will lose both the economy as well as their lives, " Hakeem observed. He said covid - 19 was spreading like wild fire all over the world including kashmir.
Quoting official figures about the spread of infection , Hakeem Yaseen said from Zero case on 12th April this yer and 4730 infections and 53 fatalities by 12 th june, we have crossed 9261 cases and 149 death in the UT as on date,with Kashmir's share being about 7319 . This clearly indicates a 2 times increase of infections and 3 times increase of mortality in just 26 Days.
Srinagar city is showing an alarming rise in covid positive cases in the entire UT he added. " Keeping in view the alarming spike in the infection, there was a need of another strickest lockdown like some other states of the country, " Hakeem Yaseen observed. For this purpose there should be a complete synergy for plan of action between health professionals and the UT administration.
Hakeem Yaseen has also questioned the decision of the UT government to allow the annual amaranth yatra that was bound to attracting huge crowds at several places on the yatra route and subsequent spread of coronavirus.
Hakeem Yaseen said there are reports the hospitals in Kashmir are already overcrowded with COVID-19 patients and even hotels are fully occupied by the people undergoing administrative quarantine on their return from different parts of the country and several other countries. Any uncontrolled spread of the virus would further overburdened the doctors and health professionals dealing with the heavy rush of COVID-19 patients. He has favoured suggestion of the intelligentsia to strictly implement the COVID-19 health protocol measures and withdraw immediately some of crucial announcements made by it during last few days as part of its lockdown exit strategy to bring the situation under control. He has also sought to despell the conception prevailng among a section of the community that the containment of a pandemic was managed by politcians, DCs, Tehsildars, but not the real health expert. (KNS)

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