Gupkar Alliance Leaders have now resorted to political comedy: Dr Darakhshan

 Srinagar Dec 04 (KNS): Reacting sharply on the justification by National Conference leadership of Roshni Scam, BJP Spokesperson and senior party leader Dr Darakhshan Andrabi said that comedy has now replaced their political gimmicks.

"Laughter is the best medicine and so has NC leadership resorted to playing comedy in politics. NC Chief says that how Roshni Act can be wrong when it was passed by a majority vote in the House. Dear Sir, a wrong is a wrong even if all of humanity supports it,” said Dr Andrabi.
She said that it was not Roshni only, the other encroachments of forest and state land in the whole of J&K was much more than that of Roshni and all these ‘Alliance” partners are the beneficiaries. “This encroachment scam is one face of the coin and the other face is the disproportionate assets amassed by these ‘alliance partners’, This all was the autonomy and self rule concept of theirs which has been ripped apart. They are not exactly wailing for the so-called losses of J&K, but are wailing and weeping for their lost paradise of luxuries. They have sensed that they will be facing the investigating agencies for every scam soon and presently they are busy in preparing ground for playing the victim card,” said Dr Darakhshan.
She also reacted to the statement of PDP Chief made in a Television Channel interview regarding the Common Minimum Programme on which the PDP-BJP government was formed. “PDP leader made a wrong statement on a TV channel by saying that CMP included Indo-Pak relations roadmap and the clemency for the youth involved in anti-social activities. She may have a copy of CMP at home and I request her to read it again and then share it with the public. Political-lies have lost value in the present scenario in J&K,” said Andrabi.

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