Grand literary conference at Sopore celebrates language, culture

Eminent literary figures honored with 'Khil'at-e-Kehkashan-e-ilmo adab'

Eminent literary figures honored with 'Khil'at-e-Kehkashan-e-ilmo adab'

Sopore May 26 (KNS): In a grand literary conference held at Sopore, two of Kashmir's distinguished figures, scholar Ranjoor Talgami and eminent poet Sher Ali Mashgool were honoured with the 'Khil'at-e-Kehkashan-e-ilmo adab.'

Organized by Bazme Sher O Adab Shumali Kashmir at the Muslim Educational Trust in Sopore, the event began with the recitation of the Holy Quran by G.M. Zahid and Naat by Muhammad Saeed Masoodi, a spokesperson said.

Yousuf Sameem, President of the Bazme Sher O Adab delivered the inaugural address, advocating the called for the construction of a cultural hall in Sopore and to promot Kashmiri language.

Shabir Ahmad Raina, Additional Deputy Commissioner Sopore, also participated in the event, noting the importance of such events in promoting education and literature.

Notably, poet Sher Ali and linguist, literary figure, poet, author, and scholar Ranjoor Talgami were honoured with "Khil'at-e-Kehkashan-e-Ilm o Adab" for the year 2024, receiving a shawl, memento, and citation.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp Channel

The event featured presentations by Dr Muhammad Yousuf Zargar, Ranjoor Talgami, Fiaz Talgami, Maqbool Ferozi, Shahid Delnavi, and Rahim Rahbar, along with the presence of notable journalist Shakeel Azad.

The first session, led by renowned poet and educationist, Gulzar Jafar, set the stage for enriching literary discussions.

The second secession, organized by Nisar Azam, saw plethora of poetry recitations presided over by Ranjoor Talgamithe with Fiaz Talgami and Shahid Delnavi in Aiwan-e-sadarat.

Yousuf Sami, Gulzar Jafar, Maqbool Ferozi, Riaz Rubani, Mubarak Lone, Nasar Azam, Is'haq Majrooh, Shehzad Manzoor, JM Zahid, Natiq Jan, were the participating poets, apart from, Saqib Poshpuri, Ghulam Hassan Benawa, Gul Tanveer, Mir Aamir, Jalil Akbar, Sher Ali Masghool, Faraq Sopori, Hasan Zareen, Shahid Delnavi, Fayaz Tilgami, and Ranjoor Talgami.

The closing remarks delivered by Muhammad Is'haq Majrooh, marked the successful conclusion of the mega conference.(KNS) 

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