Govt must empower DDCs without delay: Vakil


Srinagar February 24:(KNS)  Former minister and senior vice president Peoples Conference Abdul Gani Vakil today asked the Lt Governor led administration to detail out the guidelines and laws to empower the district Development Councils and its chairman's.

In a statement issued "Kashmir News Service" (KNS), Vakil said while the govt has successfully finished the process of Elections and formation of DDCs but questioned why the govt is playing delaying tactics to empower these DDCs.

Vakil said the govt of the day has even claimed it's credit for holding DDC Elections in J&K even in the parliament but why it is not vesting powers to these elected bodies now.

"People have been elected but they are clueless what to do. Their is no empowerment nor even a place for them to start  working for these DDC members functioning." If the Panchayat act empowers them to serve the people in the direction of development why the Govt. is delaying the implementation of act. People have elected them and are expecting their services   more than MLA's in respect of development. The present position of the DDC's are handicapped, humiliated as they are sitting ideal holding meetings and no funds alloted to them till today. Vakil added.

Vakil said were the elections conducted only to tell the world that they have held such elections in J&K or there is some material to it also.

He said the mainstream political parties appreciate the administration for the successful conduct of DDC elections and now the councils be empowered at the earliest for the benefit of the masses otherwise it will prove a mockery and counter productive.(KNS)

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