Govt fails to provide job opportunities to educated youth in J&K: Tajinder singh

Non-locals being preferred over local educated youth in projects of jammu and kashmir

Jammu August 10: (KNS) Expressing his serious concern over growing unemployment, Social activist tajinder singh appealed to the Government to create employment opportunities in Jammu and Kashmir.

“The unemployment has increased after Jammu and Kashmir State Status changed into Union Territory. The Government had promised thousands of jobs for the unemployed youth of Jammu and Kashmir but no job was provided. Instead they have withdrawn advertised posts leaving the youth in confusion about their future,” said Tajinder.

The social activist Tajinder singh alleged that in absence of jobs and Government’s failure to regularize HR workers, daily wagers, NHM doctors, paramedical, casual labourers and others even as they have served more than one decades of their lives in the service of different government departments.

“The youth are in deep despair. The Union Territory status has given hopelessness and it has not provided any job. Many hydro-projects are going on in Jammu and Kashmir but locals are not getting the jobs whether they are skilled or unskilled. The companies prefer non-locals which have further alienated educated youth because outsiders are being adjusted in their place,” said Singh.

On the other, he said, the Government has also not restored the statehood to Jammu and Kashmir whereas the 4G speed internet has become a dream for the people of the erstwhile state who have lost their identity.

“The Government should fulfill what they has promised the people of the Jammu and Kashmir i.e. statehood and restoration of 4G speed internet,”Tajinder appealed.(KNS) 

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