Global brand Ajfan opens showroom in Srinagar

Srinagar April 15 (KNS): People in Kashmir are trying to try out the different varieties of these fruits, dates, and nuts as a prominent global store; Ajfan opens its exclusive showroom in the summer capital’s Jawahar Nagar area here.

The large demand for dates during Ramzan is owing to both dietary and cultural reasons. Opening the Iftar (breaking of fast) with dates is customary as dates, rich in iron and vitamins, can give an instant energy boost.

Chairman of the prominent global brand, AJFAN dates, and nuts, Mohamed Kutty Nechikatte, while inaugurating his showroom in the uptown area of Jawahar Nagar, Srinagar, said “At AJFAN, we respect and connect with Mother Nature and earth and we do not do anything that does not go in sync with nature. Hence, dry fruits that we grow at our farm are free of pesticides or insecticides,” he said, adding “The cultivation measures that we have been using are purely organic. There is minimal use of machines and we prefer using our hands for our cultivation. We ensure that each pack of our dry fruits is hygienic and does not contain any preservatives. Keeping nature intact and saving the environment is our way of giving back what Mother Nature has given us!”

He said that feasting and fasting go hand-in-hand during Ramzan. The sumptuous spread for Iftar may vary but the feasting in the evening begins with dates, a staple all during the season. Right from roadside vendors and fruit stalls to general stores and supermarkets, one can find it everywhere. “Kashmir is a vibrant market and people love good products here. Also, they have good buying power as well. All we are focusing on at the moment is to provide quality services with world-class products.”

Mohamed Kutty informed us that they import varieties of dates, nuts, and dry fruits from countries like Iran, Afghanistan, the USA, and Dubai. He further said that it has been over 10 years since AJFAN flourished in the business. “We already have over 150. From Kerala, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh to Maharashtra, Telangana, and Tamil Nadu, our journey has been so far, so good. Our customers are our superstars, and we are glad that we deliver only the best to them. Adding Kashmir to our list has been a pure joy and jubilation for us,” he said, adding “The best dates that grow in Saudi Arabia are offered to our customers in India. The hand-picked dates are hygienically processed to ensure the best quality.” He appreciated the team of Pied Piper PR & Advertising for their relentless support and publicity of their brand.    

Fahad Kutty of AJFAN Dates and Nuts said that at “AJFAN, we replenish the dates coming straight from the farm of the ancient city of al Ula in Saudi Arabia along with a global assortment of exotic nuts, dry fruits, seeds, spices, and other confectionery,” he said, adding “Our vision is to become the first choice of customer for dates, dry fruits, nuts and other precious items in fruits and vegetables along with imported drinks and wines by bringing the freshest and highest quality to a maximum number of customers through our own shops across India. Our priority lies with consistently keeping up our customers by serving them the products without compromising the level of quality and our exclusive farm fresh yellow dates are a catch for the season.”(KNS)

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