Fulfil promises made to educated youth: Vakil to JK administration

Srinagar October 06 (KNS):  Senior vice-president People’s Conference (PC) and former minister Abdul Gani Vakil today said that  promises made by Union Territory Government for the unemployed youth have proved to be a damp squib, further pushing the youth to the wall.

Vakil asserted that promises and claims made by the Government for thousands of  educated youth have not yielded any results so far.

”The previous Governor during his tenure had promised employment to 50,000 youth in J&K  but nothing was done on the ground and similarly the present Lt Governor Manoj Sinha too, has promised 10,000 jobs but those announcements remained on restricted to statements only,” he said.

The senior leader said that although different departments notified several posts for which unemployment youth applied but their application forms were thrown in dustbin and no progress has been seen in this regard.

“The lack of employment opportunities in Jammu and Kashmir have pushed youth to trouble causing and increasing alienation among them which is against democratic principles and can even prove against national interest,” Vakil said.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp Channel

Hitting out at the administration, Vakil said that UT adminisatration has failed in all aspects to provide any relief to poor people especially in devlopmental aspect.

“The developmental works at the grass root level have been left incomplete due to non- seriousness and incompetence of the Government. The condition of road is same as they were, there is lack of basic facilities including drinking water shortage, electricity and poor treatment in Government hospitals but the administration is doing nothing on the ground”, he added.

Vakil also urged UT adminisatration to come with a concrete job policy for the unemployed youth. 


“Once the employment opportunities are created the youth would be converged towards the Government, which is the need of the hour,” he added.(KNS) 

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