Farm Bills will turn farmers into bonded slaves of corporate houses: Kadfeen

Srinagar: Congress leader Kadfeen Choudhary on Tuesday flayed the government over adopting an indifferent attitude towards the farming community, stating that through the farm bills, the government is all set to turn farmers into bonded labours of the corporate houses.
in a statement issued to KNS reads, Kadfeen said that the agrarian crisis menacingly looming large could be gauged by the fact that Agriculture in India is going through tough times with back to back two drought years and falling agriculture prices due to bumper crop. The level of stress could be gauged from rising cases of farmer suicides. “There is a need for undertaking measures on multiple fronts. But what this government is doing is absolutely dangerous and uncalled for Persistent drought, surge in temperatures has affected more 330 million people in India in the past 2 years.Joint Global Change Research Institute says India’s marginalised communities will be the worst hit. Amid all such fiasco, the killer bills for the farmers have come. It will leave the agriculture sector in doldrums all across,” Kadfeen said.
He added that it is worrisome to find that such bills are being passed at a time when wheat and rice yields are nearly 3 times lower than world yields while those for mango, banana, onion or potato are between 2 and 7 times lower than the highest yields achieved globally.
Kadfeen said that the reason that these bills will have a disastrous impact upon the farmers is that food inflation has jumped significantly to 14.12 per cent from 10.01 per cent in November 2019. Vegetable inflation rose to 60.5 per cent in December compared to 36 per cent in November.(KNS)


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