Electricity drops and apprehensions of people about about the winter

Peerzada sayeed
Tangdar karnah November 03:(KNS) Excessive power cuts with no regard for schedule has forced the people of Karnah to live in darkness. The voltage drops is the new norm. The voltage in the households never manages to reach the threshold for an electric appliance to work.
Junior engineer Mr. Ravees Khawaja made dedicated teams and mandated them the duty to raid the households using high watt devices. The teams in several rounds of raids in various parts of the tehsil, seized numerous heaters, blowers, boilers etc.
Despite that the condition of the power sector is no good. The power schedule is not duely followed and power cuts has become a norm.
This is before the beginning of winter, when people see no electricity sometimes for even months.
President Pahari cultural club Rashid ahmad qureshi told KNS that, winter is coming and the power infrastructure of the Karnah is very fragile and can't stand amidst the heavy snowfall. And power drops in the valley in before the winter is a warning sign for people to manage the alternatives.
The other prominent person from the valley, chairman civil society Karnah, peerzada SD qureshi also raised fingers on the power department, saying the light is so dim that it takes a torch light to confirm whether there's electricity is not. He further said the high tension lines run through an sadhna pass at an altitude of 12, 000 feet above mean sea level which further complicates the matter.(KNS)  

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