Despite pandemic, all odds JK Bank records improved performance on most financial parameters in FY 2021: CMD JK Bank

Srinagar, July 17 (KNS): The chairman and managing director of the Jammu and Kashmir Bank, RK Chibber has said that despite pandemic and all odds, the bank has been able to record a significantly improved performance on the most financial parameters in this financial year.

According to Kashmir News Service, (KNS) Jammu and Kashmir Bank chairman R K Chibber said that by every measure, FY 2021 was an extraordinary year- a year of global pandemic which necessitated unprecedented lockdowns and in-turn threw the economies across the globe into recession. “lt was a year in which each of us faced difficutt personal challenges and a staggering number of us lost our loved ones.”

The letter reads that while cautiously watching the events unfolding before us, we maintained our keen focus on business continuity, strictly adhering to the protocols and prescribed SOPs to ensure safety of our employees as also our customers. “Looking back, I feel proud of what our committed team of employees and the institution as a whote achieved, individually as we as collectively.”

“We have always championed the essential role of banking, especialty in our stronghold i.e. J&K and Ladakh for bringing people together, for enabling companies and individuals to reach for their dreams, and for being a source to fall back upon in difficult times.”

It reads that besides extending all the relief measures as envisaged under regulatory guidelines, the bank proactively devised and passed on various tailor-made schemes and products, enabling our customers to tide over the situational liquidity issues and support survival of their operations.

“As I look back on the last two years - starting from my time as CMD of Bank from June 2019 - it is remarkable how much we persevered and have accomplished, not only in terms of financial performance put also in our steadfast dedication to help clients. We have also greatly improved on our corporate governance standards with a professional full strength Board of Directors comprising of eminent persons with expertise in muttipte disciptines, introduction of RTl, adoption of CVC guidetines, appointment of an internal ombudsman to quote a few.”

It reads that despite all the odds and adversities, drawing on all our resources and resilience, the bank was able to record a significantty improved performance on most financial parameters e.g. the highest ever quarterty profit of Rs. 315.75 crore over the last 7 years, restricting slippages for the year to bestow Rs. 1000 crore despite getting a brief window after revocation of the asset classification restraint order by the Hon'ble Supreme Court, controlling gross NPAs below 10% and net NPAs below 3%, comfortabte provision coverage ratio of 81 .97%, a robust liability franchise with industry best CASA of 56.84%, respectable double digit growth in business in the UTs of J&K and Ladakh, maintaining NIM above 3.50% threshold despite squeeze on margins, et all.

It reads that, however, remaining alert to any fresh slippages while making further necessary provisions, the bank shall remain guided by prudence and long-term assessment of the current situation. 

“On a day-to-day basis, we recognize the enormous responsibitity that we have to perform for our customers and shareholders. 
We are sure that our relentless efforts to build upon our already strong fundamentals shall prove to be a value proposition for the investors, both in the short as well as long run.”

“Your enduring faith in the institution has started yielding results and with the momentum achieved by the Bank, the valuations of the Bank are bound to touch newer highs and a number of pleasant surprises are surely on the way,” it reads. (KNS)

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