DDC Elections have exposed the real agenda of Gupkar Alliance: Altaf Bukhari

Its signatories have restored to emotional blackmailing, political gimmickry: G. H Mir

Its signatories have restored to emotional blackmailing, political gimmickry: G. H Mir


Party organizes campaign convention at Nehalpora-Pattan


Srinagar , December 17:(KNS)  Apni Party President Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari on Thursday observed that the DDC elections in Jammu and Kashmir have fully exposed the ‘Gupkar Alliance’ for its cosmetic political agenda and the lust for power.


Addressing the Party’s DDC campaign convention at Nehalpora in Pattan constituency of Baramulla district, Bukhari said the signatories of this so called “Peoples’ Alliance” have once again established that their relevance hinges on emotional exploitation and running misleading campaigns among the public.


In a statement to KNS reads“They actually remember the people only at the time of elections. First naming it ‘Gupkar Alliance’ last year, its elitist signatories added the word ‘People’ with it, a year after its formation. Even this nomenclature of Gupkar Alliance is a misnomer and distantly related to the genuine concerns of the people,” he remarked.


Bukhari said that there is nothing new or revolutionary about this ‘Alliance’ except for an association that was invented by its power hungry constituents to safeguard their political survival.


“People of J&K are the best judges. They have been watching and analyzing these political slogans since decades. You can’t continue with their emotional exploitation and that too for a development oriented election which has nothing to do with the politics,” Bukhari said, while regretting emotional politicization of DDC elections by the Gukpar signatories.


He said the fissures developed by the lust for power within the constituents of this Alliance is wide split and open among the people. “Let me remind you that people are not mute spectators. They are witness to a complete mismatch between your lofty political claims and your daggers drawn joint candidates, party rebels and the sponsored independent contesting candidates who were fielded by your allies against each other,” Bukhari observed.


He said that the people of J&K have not forgotten the coalitions between the Gupkar signatories with the right wing political party whom they claim as their opponent now. “While flaunting a political cause in Srinagar the constituents of the Gupkar alliance are actually pitted against each other on the ground thereby depriving the people of their right to have a better representation in the to be formed District Development Councils,” he added.


Addressing the convention, Apni Party senior vice president Ghulam Hassan Mir said the people have realized that this superficial political association is not a serious alliance as is pretended by its allies.


“It is highly unfortunate that these parties have made a mockery of the electoral process by comparing the DDC elections with some misleading political issues. Even after trying to hoodwink the people by its hollow slogans this so-called Alliance has not percolated on the ground thereby exposing it to the hilt,” Mir remarked.


At the leadership level also, Mir said, such a pretentious formation will last till the dates for the state assembly election are declared. “People will see that at an appropriate time the apparent bonhomie among the constituents of this alliance will vanish in thin air and they will seek to negotiate with any political party to get back to the seats of power,” Mir averred.


He said that these political parties have never extended any help to the people by serving them on developmental front during their long stints in power. “They are helping themselves by challenging the uncertainty that has hit J&K after its statehood was snatched last year,” he observed, while appealing the people to exercise their franchise while keeping all these realities into consideration.


The Apni Party leadership appealed to the people to support its contesting candidate Irshad Ahmad Pandit on the basis of the Party's developmental agenda and its commitment to serve the people. “From day one we have never promised any moon or the stars except for an equitable development of J&K,” Mir remarked. The convention was also addressed by Irshad Ahmad Pandit who sought people to support him for his developmental plans for the Pattan constituency.(KNS) 

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