Constitution guarantees human rights, freedom to all: Farooq Abdullah

Says if India is to be made a successful nation, BJP should do justice to every religion, caste

Says if India is to be made a successful nation, BJP should do justice to every religion, caste

Mohinder Wazir

Jammu, Dec 09 (KNS): The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference president, Dr Farooq Abdullah on Thursday said that nobody has the right to deprive others from their human rights as constitution guarantees human rights and freedom to all.

Addressing a public rally in Jammu, Farooq, as per Kashmir News Service (KNS), said that everyone has their rights and if those rights are transgressed by someone, then it leads to destruction. 

He said that he’ll be with that government which cannot do justice to its people as government has to give justice to every sector, religion and caste. “If BJP wants to make India successful then they should know that India is for everyone not only for high caste people.”

Farooq said that constitution guarantees everyone his or her freedom and human rights, people should not let it happen.

“People have to sacrifice themselves if they want their community to rise. People have to get out of this humiliation and exploitation. They have to fight this hatred, discrimination which tries to put them down,” he added.

He further said that being a Muslim he can visit a temple but a scheduled caste person doesn’t have this right in India. “They are oppressed and if they fear then they will be more oppressed. I am a doctor but I can say that God has bestowed equal wisdom to all the human beings. No one is superior. In today’s times, there are a lot of doctors who belong to the scheduled caste,” he added.

“Do the people who call themselves superior have a separate god? Do they have a separate Ram? It is the 75th year of India’s Independence but from this destruction we have not been freed yet. This world is not permanent as everyone has to die one day,” Farooq said.

Citing the example of Prophet Nuh (AS), he said that those who believe in Almighty would never face defeat. “He is the only power of the Universe. Before Almighty there is no PM and no CM. By what name you call God, but He is the only one who can save his creation,” he said.

He said that there should be no discrimination based on religion and everyone’s religion should be respected. (KNS)

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